ESO time granted for P112

Another successful ESO proposal! We managed to get about 1.5 nights for cycle P112, and in visitor mode! So, now that we are free to travel, we will have the PhD students Gonzalo Munoz-Sanchez (PI of the project) and Evangelia Christodoulou to travel to Paranal and observe from there.

The goal of the proposal is to get medium-resolution spectra (using FORS2 long-slit mode) for a number of ASSESS targets of interest, mainly 5 Luminous Blue Variables and 3 Yellow Supergiants (among the rarest objects) in low-metallicity environments. Using advanced codes we will be able to derive their stellar parameters and determine their mass loss, one of the most uncertain but key property in understanding stellar evolution, and in particular that of massive stars. These observations probe the hotter objects and supplements our study of cooler supergiants.

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