de Wit et al. 2022: Properties of luminous red supergiants

Properties of luminous red supergiant stars in the Magellanic Clouds S. de Wit, A.Z. Bonanos, F. Tramper, M. Yang, G. Maravelias, K. Boutsia, N. Britavskiy, and E. Zapartas There is evidence that some red supergiants (RSGs) experience short lived phases of extreme mass loss, producing copious amounts of dust. These …

Talks from the 15th Hellenic Astronomical Conference

Would like to learn what we have been doing so far?

Then you can take a look at our talks from the 15th Hellenic Astronomical Conference that became recently available online.

“Applying machine-learning methods to build a photometric classifier for massive stars in nearby galaxies”
by Grigoris Maravelias
“Spectral analysis of evolved massive stars in the SMC and LMC”
by Stephan de Wit
“Evolved massive stars in the Magellanic Clouds”
by Ming Yang
“Bouncing against the Yellow Void – the case of rho Cas”
by Grigoris Maravelias (poster)