ASSESS meets Alex de Koter, Emily Levesque, and Henry Lamers

As we are actively working on a series of forthcoming papers, we are meticulously refining the final stages of data analysis and interpretation. Especially when encountering new and exciting results we must be careful to not overlook any potential issues. While our expertise in Red Supergiants is well-established, seeking additional feedback from renowned experts is always a valuable practice. For this reason, we sought the opportunity to engage in a discussion with some of the world’s leading experts in Red Supergiants.

Since Emily Levesque was visiting Alex de Koter at the University of Amsterdam, we recognized this as the perfect opportunity to discuss our project and findings with them. Leveraging the power of modern digital platforms, we facilitated a fruitful exchange of knowledge and invaluable feedback.

We are appreciative of the time and expertise they shared with our team.

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